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As Alien as Possible

Jan 12, 2021

Dev log: 
Do space research before you start playing, Jack
Added two new moves "Extend a Hand to Shake" and "Decode"

In this episode we demonstrate our ignorance of actual science, start getting to know the characters as people, make a lot of jokes about Matthew Mcconaughey, and make first contact. 

Featuring: Jack Blair (@toyourstations) as GM. Gabriel (@gayforce69) as Jude Lawless, Nat (@awkwardscreech) as Kori, Vince (@windjammah) as Olympius, Ty (@authentici_ty) as Rags, April (@funkynunntweets) as Tobias, and Jas (no twitter) as Zeta. 
You can find our favourite dispenser of space wisdom and the creator of our local space map, Spy, @spyglassrealms on twitter. 

Music by Gavin Crockett (@GCrockettMusic)