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As Alien as Possible

Jan 4, 2022

Dev log:
- the getting the job roll is a little confusing, can it be streamlined?

In this short minisode, captain Jude Lawless gets his first taste of Space Bureaucracy (or Spureaucracy).

As Alien as Possible will be back this year!

Featuring: Jack Blair (@toyourstations) as the GM, and Gabe (@gayforce69) as Captain...

Feb 2, 2021

Dev log: 

- Work out what should happen re: intoxication and social rolls with Crewmates

- Zeta should connect to the wifi? 

- Just rename advancement and call it experience. It gains nothing from being named like this and it's confusing. 

In this episode, the crew explore their first alien space station, eat some ill...

Jan 12, 2021

Dev log: 
Do space research before you start playing, Jack
Added two new moves "Extend a Hand to Shake" and "Decode"

In this episode we demonstrate our ignorance of actual science, start getting to know the characters as people, make a lot of jokes about Matthew Mcconaughey, and make first contact. 

Featuring: Jack...

Jan 4, 2021

Dev notes for Session 0:

  • The bonds system needs to change!
  • Why didn't you account for a stolen ship? this is a space pirate game. 

In session 0 we introduce ourselves, our characters, and the planet we're about to leave, and get a feel for what we're doing here. Featuring: Jack Blair (@toyourstations) as GM....